Times have changed

In order to actively fill in and reduce the excessive distance between the real estate  industry's and the retail industry's understanding of each other's expectations and prerequisites, Absalon & Co in 2019 chose to re-saddle, including upgrading its competencies and changing ownership and management.

Because of this, Absalon & Co offers a much wider range of services, which in whole or in part relates to the more than 30 years with full focus on the practical and artisanal part of arranging and optimizing store leases with a view to value optimization of the associated properties.

With the desire to continue to be an independent and impartial advisor who strives for a holistic and 360-degree approach, Absalon & Co makes its experience and expertise available, whether you own, want to buy or sell, rent or develop property - and regardless of wherever in the process you may want our competencies.